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I Am Such A Tree.

Sun Of The Yellow Leaf.

On A Verge Of The Dance.

Fall Fire.

In The Woods

Old Chestnut Tree.

In The Wind Of Leaf Fall

Gate To The Fall

Leaf Fall For The Pond

Autumnal Regret

Path Under The Fall Canopy

Old Wounds

My new WPO page

Fall In The Sky

Long Shadows Of The Afternoon

Maple Tree On The Slope.

Corstorphine Fall

Yellow Autumn.

Dark Alley And Sunlit Foliage.

Sunlit Fall

Autumn In The Tree Branches.

Sunny Clouds In The Fall Sky.


Dusk In The Autumn Woods.

Autumn In The Alley.

Fall Colours Of Pentland Hills.

Two Bare Trees.

Glencorse Reflection.

The Pentland Hills Through The Branches.

Fall In Hills.

Sun Through Mist.

The best KILT experience to enjoy!!!!

Purple Pink Yellow And White Bouquet.

Magenta Gerberas In Daylight.

Bouquet In The Morning.

Refreshing Morning Bouquet.

Gerberas In Cold Light.

Purple Flower In Cold Light.

Astras And Gerberas.

White And Magenta Bouquet.

Astras And White Chrysanthemum.

Magenta And White Bouquet.

Purple Lilies Bouquet.

Ad Astras.

Thriving Among Its Likes.

A Bit Of Sun For The Lonely Pine.

Lonely Pine.

Winter Grass On The Hill.

Down The Slope.

Tree Friendship.