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In The Vault. Dryburgh Abbey.

Steps To The Exit. Dryburgh Abbey Vault.

West Door. Abbey Of Silence.

Sunny Afternoon In Dryburgh Abbey.

Gothic Ruins. Dryburgh Abbey.

Graceful Ruins. Dryburgh Abbey.

South Manhattan.

Ribbons Reef Lighthouse.

Verrazano Bridge.

Goldman Sachs Tower.

Bayonne Golf Club

Brooklyn Over Governors Island

Jersey City.

Immigrants Building.

Manhattan And Jersey City Skyline.

... And The Sky Above...


Pillars Of The Hall.

Sun In The Stone.

Magnificent Ruins

Flowers, Arched Windows And Sky.


Under The Vaults. Vertical.

Light Inside The Vaults.

Arched Passage. Fountains Abbey.

Walls Of The Past.

Built To Impress.

Souter From Marsden.

Call For A Picnic.

Dull Day At The Seaside.

Open Vista. Lizard Point.

Enjoy Your Walk...

Cold Day At The Seaside.