Sunday, 17 April 2016

In The Vault. Dryburgh Abbey.

In The Vault. Dryburgh Abbey.Inside the vault of Dryburgh Abbey. Autumn has come to the romantic place in Dryburgh where centuries ago monks observed silence. On the banks of the river Tweed in a quiet and serene place within the cloister of the abbey, sunny patches on walls still serve faithfully.

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Steps To The Exit. Dryburgh Abbey Vault.

Amber light of the afternoon in the vault of Druburgh Abbey paints the inside in autumnal colours. Only evergreen ivy never change its shade. Faithful servant of eternity.

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West Door. Abbey Of Silence.

Inviting west door leads to the abbey ground. Sunny day and no visitors in the autumn afternoon highlight the main vow of Dryburgh monks: the silence observation. Serenity of the place is still here despite centuries of bustle before.

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