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Undoubtedly English

Quiet Street With Flowers On Walls.

Free Seats In A Street Cafe

At The Cold Fireplace.

Scales And Weights

Broom In A Corner.

The Art Of Welfare. Recent History.

The Art Of Welfare. Tea Time.

The Art Of Welfare. Room For Living.

The Art Of Welfare. Kitchen For All.

The Art Of Welfare. Kitchen Cupboards.

The Art Of Welfare. Bed Chair.

The Art Of Welfare. Vanity Set.

A Daub Of Blue In The Storm Clouds Over The Firth Of Forth

View At The Forth Rail Bridge From High Street In South Queensferry

Forth Rail Bridge

Afternoon In The Haven

The Mc Ewan Hall And Bristo Square

Teviot Row House, Edinburgh University.

Edinburgh Rooftops And Highland Tolbooth St John's Church.

A Lamppost In The Rooftops Background

Traces On Snow.

After A Blizzard.

Snow In A Village

Falkirk Wheel Working.

Boat In The Forth And Clyde Canal At The Falkirk Wheel

Union Canal At The Falkirk Wheel

Mythical Horses Near The Falkirk Wheel


A Hoverfly And A Daisy

Bunch Of Hawthorn Berries

Falls Of Dochart

On The Rock Surrounded By Waters

Bridge Over Dochart At Killin

Old Mill At Dochart Waterfalls

Waters Over Rocks. Falls Of Dochart,

Sun Over Rushing Falls. Dochart.

Killin At The Falls Of Dochart.

Gate To The Burial Site. Killin.