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Fountains Abbey Now.

Summer Sky Over The Ruins.

At The Entrance To The Vaults.

Bridge Over The Stream.

Inside The Walls.

Ruins On Nature Background.

Sunny Abbey Ruins

Old Bridge In The Abbey.

Picturesque Scenery With A Creek.

Light Summer Afternoon.

Abbey Scenery With Stone Bridge.

Afternoon In The Fountains Abbey.

Narrow Streets Of Delhi.

Silence Of Rickshaws.

Delhi. Roadside Shower.

Feeding Pigeons In Delhi Mosque.

Cargo Rickshaws.

Clean Laundry Seller.

Making Bread At The Roadside.

A Man With A Puppy At The Roadside.

Mistress Of The Household At The Roadside.

An Old Villager At The Roadside.

Mocking Bikers At The Roadside.

Hut At The Roadside.

Linlithgow Loch And Palace

Loch In Linlithgow.

Lothian Landscape.

Plowed Land.

High Street. South Queensferry.

Lamppost On High Street With View To The Forth Road Bridge.

Life Of A Youngster.

Hard Being Young.

Mom Is In A Bad Mood.

Have To Behave Yourself.

Perks Of Being Young.

Life Of Swans.


Swan Move One.

In Swan Lake.

Swan Move Two.

Swan Move Three.

Spring Bloom.

Monument Of Vanity.

Flowers In Stone.

Flowers In Stone 2.

At The Palace Fence.

Elephants On Pillar.

President Residence.

Out Of Time. Op. 1

Out Of Time. Op. 2