Scylla and Charybdis

  For many years I was doing photography professionally, then as a hobby. With appearance of digital technics my passion become even more interesting. I like to combine photographs and artistic processing of the image. This approach often helps to emphasize some details while hiding some others.
  The main advantage of this method is a freedom not always available in traditional photography where an author is procrastinated in between reality of pictures and a boldness of their detailed elaboration. The better the resolution, the greater the number of unneeded “noise“: rubbish on pavements, stains on monuments, even blemishes on the sun...
  Retouching can save a portrait, but it is counter-indicative in many photographic genres. Photography was invited in this world as an instrument of depicting a reality, often rough, rather than making a substitute for artistic painting. Fortunately in the digital era one can walk on the line between a Scylla of momentary realism and a Charybdis of reality embellishment, to reveal one’s own vision of familiar images. The obtained work is combining best features of both: photography and paintings.

Now on!

Author: Elena Perelman


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