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Making Bread At The Roadside.

A Man With A Puppy At The Roadside.

Mistress Of The Household At The Roadside.

An Old Villager At The Roadside.

Mocking Bikers At The Roadside.

Hut At The Roadside.

A Weaver Weaves A Carpet.

Amber Fort

Shish Mahal. Mirror Mosaic.

Mirror Flowers On The Wall.

Astronomy Of Giants. Rasivalaya.

Astronomy Of Giants. Samrat Yantra.

Astronomy Of Giants. Vrihat Samrat Yantra.

Astronomy Of Giants. Narivalaya Yantra.

Elephant Ride 1

Elephant Ride 2

Elephant Ride 3

Man Sagar Lake

Weave your life

Warm February