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Wild Roses. First Movement.

Wild Roses. Allegro Moderato.

Wild Roses. Duo.

Wild Roses. Trio.

Buttercup. Opus One.

Buttercup. Opus Two.

Elderflowers. One.

Elderflowers. Two.

Daisy Or What.

East Old Law And West Old Law

Lindisfarne. Heugh Hill Lighthouse And War Memorial.

Lindisfarne. Tidal Island.

Holy Island. The Parish Church Of Saint Mary The Virgin.

Lindisfarne. Old Priory Ruins.

September In Saint Mary The Virgin Church.

Lindisfarne Harbour.

Lindisfarne Castle.

Lindisfarne Priory.

Island For Hermit.

Lindisfarne. Journey.

Lindisfarne. Six Monks With The Coffin.

Journey. First Monk.

Journey. Second Monk.

Journey. Third Monk.

Journey. Fourth Monk.

Journey. Fifth Monk.

Journey. Sixth Monk.

Pane Per I Poveri

Windows To The Street.

Assassins' Street

Bright Colours And Still Waters.

Green Water Of Venice.

... And The Holy Spirit.

Evening Sun. Venice.

Al Gazzettino.

Dryburgh. Silence Rule.

Dryburgh. Silence Of The Monks.

Dryburgh. Vaults Of Silence.

Dryburgh. Observing Silence.

Dryburgh. Silence Kept.

Dryburgh. At The Gate To Silence.

On The Banks Of The River Tweed.

Alley Of Silence.

Blooming Time In The Abbey.

Peony Flowers. Last Respect.

Oblivion. Ferns Grip.

Oblivion. Ivy And Golden Lichen

Majestic Melrose Abbey.

Reformation Imprint. One.

Reformation Imprint. Two.