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Bet You Want To Stay Here

Rehearsal. Part 1.

Rehearsal. Part 2.

Rehearsal. Part 3.

Rehearsal. Part 4.

Cloister Pass

View From Inside

A Tree In The Yard

Blooming Cloister.

Bench For Exam Preparation

College Dormitory.

Chapel And Lamppost With Two Bikes.

Summer Reading

Gate To The Garden

Old Garden Tap

Lamppost On A Street Bend.

Private Gate.

College Chapel.

Window Twined With Flowers

Old Garden Wall.

Let's Dance. Black.

Let's Dance. Yellow.

Let's Dance. White.


College Ground. Silence.

Shadowy Alley.

Let's Dance. Blue.

Wall Lamp And Wisteria.

Climbing Up. Clematis.

Old Days Romances

Out For Lunch

Lights Of 5th Ave.

Free From Hustle And Bustle

Twin Turrets And St. Rule's Tower

House On The Slope With A Bike And A Lamppost.

Abbey In Kelso.

Tour De Swan. Un.

Tour De Swan. Deux.

Tour De Swan. Trois.

St. Andrew's Cathedral. Cloister.

Sunset. Forth Road Bridge.

From The Castle Wall

Kelso Rooftops.

Kelso Abbey Ruins And Roxburghe Aisle Memorial Cloister.

Ruins. Kelso Abbey.

Dead Mariners Warn You.

Ruins Of Hospice.

Wind Is For Surfing

Bench For Sunrise

In The Dusk.