Warm up your home

Several years ago when we bought our first home I was looking for a way to decorate it. I had many options: to buy some art from nearby shop, to go for an art piece to IKEA, to do it myself using DIY parts from a shop and so on...

Visible multiplicity of options were limited by money I was prepared to spend for it and by my wish to have the walls decorated in the same manner all over the house. At the same time I wanted a sort of diversity of media: in different sizes or different themes or different design of frames.

I found that DIY option is the most versatile for me, so I went to a print shop, made some large and medium size prints, framed them myself and distributed them all over the walls in our house! The result was pleasing: not only all visitors were asking about my artworks, but I, myself, was happy to see the job I had done.

Sure, not everyone would like to do the same.

But thinking of my satisfaction over the DIY home decorating task, I realised that many would go a similar way. One of my last books I made keeping those interested in mind. The book is made the way that allows disassembling or taking out their pages. In simple words: you can take off pictures from the book to frame them for your wall!


Have a look, maybe you were dreaming about this all your life!?

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